Montevallo Junior City Council (MJCC)


The mission of the Montevallo Junior City Council is to improve youth civic engagement and quality of life. Montevallo Junior City Council (MJCC) members consist of local middle and high school students enrolled in the local schools or living in the Montevallo area. These youth have completed projects such as: establishing a local teen center, developing a merchant discount card, raising funds to purchase baseball helmets, hosting a mayoral youth debate and sponsoring holiday events for youth. Montevallo youth are encouraged to attend public meetings held by the MJCC to express their interests and ideas. Middle School and High School students interested in participating in MJCC should visit their Facebook page or contact them via email   

Front row: Riley, Leah (sophomore, president, flutist, interested in pursuing medical school to become OB/GYN), Miranda; Middle row: Rebeca, Bella, Sam, Abigail; Back row: Jazmine, Janie (8th grade, interested in writing and music), Emily Anne

 Photo Credit: Kristen Gilbert

*Not pictured: Jessie Evans and Aubrey Moreland