Downtown Montevallo Streetscape Project

The much anticipated Downtown Montevallo Streetscape Project is scheduled to break ground on January 3, 2017. The project is comprised of three separate, but logistically coordinated, largely federally funded roadway projects administered through the Alabama Department of Transportation. The most significant project, STPBH-0119(507), includes roadway improvements on SR-119 (Main Street) from Little Cahaba River Bridge to Bloch Street (i.e. resurfacing, signals, sidewalks, landscaping and lighting). The second project, STPAA-HSIP-0155(503), includes resurfacing SR-155 (Middle Street) from SR-25 to SR-119 (Main Street). The third, TAPBH-TA14(950), involves streetscape improvements along Middle Street from SR-119 (Main Street) to Valley Street.  

​​​All together, these projects will result in nearly $5 Million in direct improvements to our city's aesthetics and infrastructure. Not only will our downtown look better, it will function better too. Many of our underground utilities will be replaced. Overhead power lines will be minimized. Traffic signals and street lights will be updated and our traffic flows will be better managed. Perhaps most importantly, our downtown will become more ADA compliant and our local businesses, shops and restaurants will soon be accessible to all our citizens. 

​​​Clearly, a project of this magnitude represents a tremendous investment in our city's future. But this amazing project didn't just happen - it involved a decade or more of planning, hard work and sacrifice which involved so many of our local government officials, city employees, business and civic leaders, residents and friends. In that regard, we want to thank especially former Mayor Sharon Anderson for helping us to set out the plans for our upcoming project, as well as former Mayor Ben McCrory for helping us to devise a way to fund the project. We also want to thank Shelby County Manager, Alex Dudchock, and Shelby County Chief Engineer, Trey Gauntt, for all of their efforts. Because of the investment on the part of so many, our downtown and our community as a whole will reap the rewards for generations to come. Thank you all!

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