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June 13, 2017 10:20 AM

Lots of Progress is occurring . . .

Streetscape Update – June 13

The crews have been working fast over the last few weeks and PROGRESS is evident.

Here’s a snapshot of what has occurred over the last few weeks:

• Demolition has occurred from Shelby to Vine Street on the West side of the street.
• Parallel parking has opened on the East side.
• Concrete work has occurred from Vine to N. Boundary Street on the East side of the street.
• Foundation work for decorative light poles has been installed.
• Conduit has been installed on the West side.
• Curb and decorative concrete on the East corner of Vine Street has been installed.
• Asphalt continues to be added where available to clean up work areas and allow for additional parking to reopen.

Here’s what to expect over the next few weeks: (weather permitting)

• McDonald’s driveway should open tomorrow, Wednesday.
• North Boundary between Barnes & Noble and Main St. Tavern will remain closed for the remainder of the week for work on the sewer line.
• Concrete forming on the block between Shelby and Middle Streets on the West side will begin later this week. Pouring of concrete for this block will most likely over the next few weeks.
• Concrete work to complete any corners that will not host a traffic signal pole will continue. Approval for the anchor bolts is expected over the next few weeks which would allow concrete to be installed in the remaining corners.
• Alagasco is expected to move in over the next few weeks to work on the gas lines which will cause N. Boundary between McDonald’s and Regions to close temporarily.
• Decorative light posts have been received by the contractor and installation could begin over the next few weeks.
• Utility work continues for the Taco Bell project.

Lots of Progress is occurring --the work being completed on Main Street is moving our city forward to provide an environment that is accessible to all. Please continue to support our downtown businesses (utilize back entrances where possible, call and ask for delivery or parking lot assistance, and smile when you walk in the door.) Our businesses need our support! An abundance of great items and food are available within a 1 mile radius – check it out! Also, smile and say “thanks” to our construction crew that are producing quality work in a timely manner and assisting customers, business owners, and pedestrians to successful maneuver the construction zone.

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