What exactly is about to happen here?
Something great, of course!! Our downtown is on the cusp of a complete transformation based on extensive public input. Highlights include: relocation of utilities, new sidewalks and paving, decorative lighting and traffic lighting, bench seating and landscaping. Most importantly, our downtown will become accessible to residents and visitors with all ranges of physical abilities. Construction is planned to begin across from city hall, moving north toward Eclipse. After completing that side of the street, construction will begin again in front of city hall and move north ending at Anderson Eye Care.

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1. What exactly is about to happen here?
2. Why in the world are we going through all this construction?
3. Can I still shop downtown while all of this is happening?
4. How did this project get started?
5. So, who is in charge here?
6. Where am I supposed to park while all of this craziness is going on?
7. Is shuttle service available from parking lots to businesses?
8. Where is the construction starting and when will this all end?
9. Where can I find out more information?