Animal Services


Making a Complaint

Complaints related to animal control or the lack thereof may be made to Montevallo City Hall at 205-665-2555, ext. 2 during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For after hour calls, weekend or holiday(s) must be made to the Montevallo Police Department at 205-665-1264.

For complaints related to animal control outside the City Limits of Montevallo, contact Shelby County Sheriff's Office at 205-669-4181 or 205-669-8766.

Annual Pet License

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to purchase an annual Pet License in the amount of $10 for each domestic animal. Licenses must be renewed in June of each year. The Pet License must be worn at all times and must be visible. To purchase a Pet License, please visit:
Montevallo City Hall
541 Main Street
Montevallo, AL 35115

Proof of inoculation for rabies and parvo must be presented before a Pet License(s) will be issued.

Leash Law

The City of Montevallo has incorporated a leash law, thus all domestic animals should either be kept inside, leashed / harnessed (leash should be no more than 10 feet in length) or confined in a fence. This does not apply for service dogs that are assisting the blind or the handicapped.

Farm Animals

Horses, llamas, sheep and other farm animals are permitted in agricultural areas. The City of Montevallo in conjunction with the Montevallo Police Department enforces the city's Animal Control Ordinance.

Forbidden Behavior in Montevallo

It is unlawful to:
  • Abandon a pet;
  • Permit a dog or cat to run at large;
  • Permit loud and frequent barking or yelping of any dog;
  • Permit a dog to urinate or defecate on the property of another;
  • Hinder the chief of police or any other city official who is enforcing the city’s Animal Control Ordinance;
  • Keep an unlicensed pet that is required to be licensed;
  • Harbor any vicious dog unless said dog is behind a fence with a sign thereon, clearly visible from the owner's property, warning of a aggressive dog on the property.