Industrial Development Board

Montevallo Industrial Development Board

​The purposes for which the board is organized are to acquire, enlarge, improve, replace, own, lease, and dispose of properties in order to promote industry, develop trade, and further the use of the agricultural products and natural and human resources of this state and the development and preservation of the said resources by inducing manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and research enterprises (a) to locate in this state, (b) to enlarge, expand, and improve existing operations in this state, or (c) to relocate in or within 25 miles of the City of Montevallo operations theretofore conducted at a site all or a major portion of which may have been acquired for one or more public purposes by the United States of America, the State of Alabama, or any branch, arm, agency, instrumentality, or political subdivision of either, whether by purchase, through the exercise of eminent domain (whether or not a final decree of condemnation shall have been entered) or by other means. In furtherance of the said objects, the board shall have all powers conferred on boards of like nature by the laws of Alabama under which the board is organized and any amendments thereof and supplements thereto.

​The number of directors of the board shall be nine, all of whom shall be duly qualified electors of and taxpayers in the City of Montevallo, Alabama.