Planning & Zoning Commission

Main Montevallo-Sketch


  • 6 p.m.
  • The 3rd Thursday of each month
  • City Hall
    541 Main Street
    Montevallo, AL 35115

(The Commission meets as required.)
The commission shall consist of nine members: The mayor, or his or her designee, one of the administrative officials of the municipality selected by the mayor, a member of the council to be selected by it as a member ex officio and six persons who shall be appointed by the mayor, if the mayor is an elective officer, otherwise by the officer as the council may in the ordinance creating the commission designate as the appointing power.

Please contact Shelby County Development Services at 205-620-6650 for all of your zoning and other development related needs.  If you need assistance determining where to start the process, please contact the Montevallo City Clerk at 205-665-2555, ext. 105.