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Event Officer Request Form

  1. Alcohol

  2. The Montevallo Police Department requests a fee of $50 an hour with a 4-hour minimum. All fees and considerations must be paid for in advance. A receipt must be presented to the police department before an officer will be assigned. This document will serve as the invoice. All requests must be made 14 calendar days in advance. The basic duties of an officer while working the event will be to preserve the peace and identify potential problems at the event. Any special requests or extra duties must be submitted and approved by the Chief of Police prior to the event.

  3. Officers

  4. Total number of hours that officers will be required to attend

  5. Total due for 10.4210.41220 Code 20.0004

  6. Please note:

    You must have Chief’s signature or his designee’s before presenting to City Hall for payment. It will be returned and not scheduled without a signature.

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