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Montevallo City Council Meeting

Event Location

City Hall, 541 Main Street, Montevallo
Start Date

12/12/2022 05:30 PM
End Date

12/12/2022 07:00 PM
Montevallo City Council Work Session
December 12, 2022
5:30 p.m. at City Hall

Montevallo City Council Meeting
December 12, 2022
6:00 p.m. at City Hall

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting Call to Order

Approval and/or corrections of the minutes – 11.28.22

Recognitions / Awards:  

Opportunities for Citizens to speak to the Council :

Committee Reports and Consideration of Bills:
•      Public Health & Safety (Police, Fire, Code Enforcement, Housing Abatement and Planning & Zoning).   David King- Chair
•      Sustainability (Streets & Sanitation, Recycling, Arbor & Beautification, ValloCycle, Environmental Preservation Initiatives, and Historical Commission) –   Kenny Dukes- Chair
•      Recreation, Preservation and Community Development (Parks & Recreation, Youth Athletics, Trails, Annexations)       Martha Eisenberg- Chair
•      Education, Arts & Outreach (Schools, UM, Boys & Girls Club, Library, American Village, Sister City Commission, Art Walk, IMPACT) MJCC - Lelia Mitchell- Chair
•      Finance, Economic Development & Tourism (Finance, MDCD, IDB, Chamber, Main Street) Sonya Swords- Chair

Consent Agenda: Payment of Bills

New Business:

•      Request to release the Landscape Surety Bond in the name of the Broadway Group, LLC on behalf of the Dollar General Located at 4168 Highway 119, Montevallo, AL. Final Inspection has been completed and property is in compliance with approved site plan.
•      Request to place TREX Park Bench at Shoal Creek Park. This Park Bench was presented to the Citizens of Montevallo for recycling 500 lbs. of plastic film (or 40,500 plastic bags). 
•      Resolution 12122022-0009 a resolution to accept the MDCD Hotel Development Project with funds in the amount of $550,000. These MDCD funds will only be made available (1) upon satisfactory execution of a contract between the developer and the City, (2) upon request by the City for the purpose of developing a hotel / lodging facility.
•      Resolution 121222-0010 - A resolution allowing Mayor Nix to retain the services of Rod Kanter, attorney for the purpose of drafting legal documents for a Hotel Incentive Package. Reimbursement to be provided via MDCD Funds upon completion of project.
•      Resolution 121222-0011 - A resolution authorizing the expenditure of City Funds for the purpose of placing the Victory Building Property in the ADEM Voluntary Clean-up Program. Reimbursement to be provided via MDCD Funds upon completion of project. ($38,035.00) (Total to include contract amount for Atlas Group Services, LLC Project Oversight Agreement)
•      Resolution 121222-0012 -  A resolution on protecting Ebenezer Swamp, Spring Creek and Shoal Creek in light of upstream  residential and commercial development.

Old Business:  None

Board Appointments: None
Other Business:

Citizen Participation:

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