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Pendleton Hydrant Trail

Tingle Tree by Becky Cox RodgersWe invite you to explore our Pendleton Hydrant Parade Trail! This self-guided walking tour will take you on a 2.6 mile adventure throughout our Main Street District. To see them all, check out this loop trail on the AllTrails app at this link. Our map brochure can be viewed at this link, or a paper copy can be picked up from City Hall during regular business hours!

This trail of painted fire hydrants was originally created in honor of Dudley Pendleton and his faithful canine sidekick Pedro. Mr. Pendleton served 50+ years with Montevallo Fire and Rescue Service and 20+ years with the Montevallo Water and Sewer Board.

It was updated and rededicated in 2021 in memory of Dudley and Pedro through a partnership between Montevallo Main Street, Montevallo Water and Sewer, the Pendleton Family, the City of Montevallo, Montevallo Fire and Rescue, and the Montevallo Arts Collaborative. Local artists volunteered to paint 29 hydrants with a variety of themes that represent what we love about our local community.

Montevallo Main Street sells posters featuring photos of all 29 hydrants. Learn more at this link or call 205.597.9322 to order yours! 

Hydrant and Artist Info

Artist Name Artist Bio Hydrant Number Hydrant Name Location
Robin Nance Metz & Leslee Hare Trained in Graphic Design and Fine Arts at both the University of Montevallo and Auburn University, Robin worked as an illustrator and graphic designer until she quit and became a painter and clay artist. 
Leslee and Robin have been friends since high school, and with Leslee's background in art and architecture, Robin found a perfect assistant to bringing the happy hydrant to life. 
 1 "What's so Funny 'bout Peace, Love and Understanding?" Main/Valley
Laurie Orr Binion & Debbie Sullivan King  These hydrants, originally painted for the 2007 trail, were refurbished in 2021 and installed at Fire Station One. They represent the namesakes and inspiration for the trail, Dudley Pendleton and his faithful canine sidekick Pedro. 2 "Dudley & Pedro" Fire Station
Casie Tate Casie is the owner of Montevallo Makers on Middle Street.  3 "Alma Mater"  Main/Island
Kymberlee Lewis & Kristi Deerman Kymberlee has taught Art at Montevallo Elementary School for 11 years. She has assisted with 2 murals in downtown Montevallo and various projects at MES. She has a 10 year old daughter and a husband that works for the City of Montevallo. 
Kristi is the Director of Montevallo Methodist Preschool. She is the mother of two and helps with schools and children in our community. She loves drawing and painting with the talent she inherited from her mother. 
4 "Bulldog Pride" MES Entrance at Island Street
Tonia Mayton  Tonia earned a BFA from Arizona State University in Photography in 2004. She continues to experiment in fiber arts with textile dyeing and runs an Instagram shop called Essential Textiles. 5 "Power of the Pencil" Island/N. Boundary
Beverly Stamps  Beverly has been painting for 40 years. Her medium is oils, watercolors, and acrylics. She does portrait paintings and did murals and faux finishes for nearly 20 years. Now she still does portraits and crafty items.  6 "Bob the Policeman" Island/Vine
Debbie Sullivan King  Debbie has been a resident of Montevallo for over 45 years. She studied art at the University of Montevallo and from many artists across the country. King was a mural painter for 15 years, painting murals in many locations in Montevallo, including the "Eric Carle" murals in the Parnell Memorial Library. Her work is available at the Blue Phrog Gallery.  7 "Sparky the Fire Dog" Middle/Island
Sarah Hogan  Sarah's love for Montevallo began during her tenure as a student at UM, where she earned a B.S. in Psychology and M.Ed. in Counseling. Sarah is happy to call Montevallo home and during her career has had the pleasure of working for the University, the City and interning in our local K-12 schools. She lead the initiative to obtain the Main Street Alabama designation for our community and currently serves as the Program Director of Impact Montevallo, a federal drug-free communities support grant program focused on reducing youth substance use. One of the things Sarah loves about Montevallo is the respect of diversity and the shared love of people and community. Montevallo is fortunate to share this respect across the globe with a Sister City partnership with Echizen, Japan. This was her inspiration for designing a hydrant that showcases the respect for diversity in the colorful rainbow kimono worn by a representation of a Japanese woman in honor of our Sister City. This unique partnership was originally established based on each communities love for the arts, especially pottery, which is depicted through a representation of the University's anagama kiln on one side of the hydrant. The sister city relationship provides an amazing opportunity for our youth through the student learning exchange and promotes respect and love of varying cultures.  8 "Sharing the Love Globally" Middle/Alabama
Joyce Sherrer  Joyce Sherrer loves to paint anything she can, including canvas, concrete, walls, etc. She can also do flower arrangements and wreaths, and to her, holiday decorating is the best decorating time! She has been doing crafts and painting since she was a little girl--the more color, the better! She has lived in Montevallo most of her life. Both her parents were born and raised in Montevallo, and her husband was born and raised here and has never left. 9 "Ice Cream Cone with Fudge & Cherry On Top" Middle/Boundary
Becky Cox-Rodgers  Becky has studied and done art since childhood. After completing her art degree at the University of Montevallo, she continued to do a little art now and then. Since the opening of Falcon Art Supply in 2012, she has returned to her art, trying new mediums, working in mixed medias, and having fun doing art again.  10 "Tingle Tree" E. Boundary/Vine
Cairisti Britton  Cairisti is a UM alum. She graduated with a degree in Kinesiology, but spent many hours in the Art Department with her friends. She currently dabbles in macramé, weaving, crochet, and watercolor. She is an avid gardener and derives much of her inspiration from nature.  11 "Ebenezer Swamp" Vine/Morgan
Emily Gill  Emily is an associate Professor of Theatre at the University of Montevallo, and a Montevallo resident since 2007. You probably know her from Art Walk one way or another--either "EmG" at the end of an email, or the tired and damp, but happy lady at the tent!  12 "BLUE-sh!" Park/Vine
Elizabeth Haynie  Elizabeth is a long-time resident of Montevallo, stay at home mom, and bus driver. She previously was a member of Montevallo United Methodist Church.  13 "Americana" Middle/Morgan
Olivia Barone  Olivia, the City's first Sustainability Coordinator, was hired to make Montevallo a green leader in the county and state. Montevallo has been committed to sustainability for many years, taking pride in its farmers' market, bike share program, robust recycling center, walkable downtown, parks, and public art. "Think Local, Act Global" urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities. Montevallo exemplifies this phrase in their actions, policies, and programs, which gave Olivia the inspiration for the piece.  14 "Think Local, Act Global" Shelby/Boundary
Courtney Bennett  Courtney has been a resident of Montevallo since 2007 (minus 3 years in Colorado). Her involvement with Environmental Club as a UM student inspired this piece. She double-majored in English and Sociology at the University of Montevallo but was frequently mistaken for an art major. She dabbles in hand sewing, decoupage, and numerous other crafts, and is a lover of all things art, music, and nature.  15 "James Wylie Shepherd Observatory" Shelby/Alabama
Kathy Stewart  Kathy has been creating art from an early age. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Montevallo, and after teaching several years added an Art Minor from UM. She taught Art at Montevallo Middle, Calera Middle, and Calera High School. Kathy and her students participated in the first fire hydrant painting project years ago. Over the years she has worked in several media, including photography, painting, mixed media, and jewelry design. An avid gardener, she is currently studying and drawing native plants in the Montevallo area. She worked with Centrala Garden Club in the Trumbauer Wildflower Garden which was located where the Montevallo Library is currently located. She is active with Seed to Table Garden and volunteers with the UM Organic Community Garden.  16 "Morning Glories" Island/Shelby
Sharon Moncus Henderson  Sharon studied Graphic Art at the Art Institute of Dallas and Painting at the University of North Texas. She and her husband, Charlie, moved to Montevallo in 2012. Under the name Small Hen Farm, Sharon grows beautiful sunflowers and zinnias for farmers' markets. These flowers and their pollinators were the inspiration for her hydrant design.  17 "Flower Field" Main/West
Kristi Deerman & Kymberlee Lewis  See #3 18 "Starry Night" Main/Shelby
Victoria Nichols  Victoria is a 2020 graduate of the University of Montevallo where she received a BFA in Sculpture. She grew up visiting Montevallo with her grandparents and has worked here since 2005. Her work focuses on pushing materials into non-traditional formats. She has had works shown in Lynchburg, Virginia; Bonita Springs, Florida; Meridian, Mississippi; and Birmingham, Gadsden, Montgomery, and Montevallo, Alabama. She currently resides in Calera, Alabama with her husband and two daughters.   19 "Stained Glass Windows" Middle/Island
Collin Williams  Collin is a Professor of Art and director of New Media concentration at the University of Montevallo. He received his MFA and BFA from the University of Houston, University Park. His teaching expertise spans a range of topics including digital photography and printing, animation, 3D animation, web media, mixed media and digital video.  20 "Coal Miner" Main/Middle (CVS)
Brad Williams  Brad can draw or sketch anything! He has done numerous murals in churches and private homes. He is also proficient at free-handed calligraphy.  21 "Fireman" Main/Valley
Daisie Hoitsma & Tanner Young  Daisie holds an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Ohio University, and a BFA from the University of Texas at Tyler. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Manifest Gallery (Cincinatti, OH), Morehead State University (Morehead, KY), Gadsden Museum of Art (Gadsden, AL), Ground Floor Contemporary (Birmingham, AL), Attleboro Arts Museum (Attleboro, MA), Visual Arts Center (Huntington, WV), and the Maria V. Howard Arts Center (NC) among others. She has taught classes at the University of Alabama and the University of Montevallo.
Jason received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2011 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2008. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Art and director of the Sculpture concentration at the University of Montevallo. He shows his work extensively, and has been included in exhibitions at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment (Huntsville, AL), Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, TN), The Sculpture Center (Cleveland, OH), Axis Gallery (Sacramento, CA), Weston Art Gallery (Cincinatti, OH), Manifest Gallery (Cincinatti, OH), the Young Sculptors Competition at Miami University (Miami, OH), the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (Montgomery, AL), Visual Art Exchange (Raleigh, NC), Evansville Museum (Evansville, IN), and Rosalux Gallery (Minneapolis, MN) among many others. 
22 "UM Theme"  Main/Boundary
Patrick Mayton Patrick graduated from the University of Montevallo with a BFA in Printmaking in 1998, and from Arizona State University with a MFA in Printmaking in 2004. Mayton has been an art instructor at Jefferson State Community College since 2006.   23 "Scorcher" Main/Bloch
Hilary Whitson  Born and raised in Auburn, Hilary came to the University of Montevallo to know what it was like to go "away" to school--plus, UM has the best Art Department in the state of Alabama. She graduated with a B.F.A. and M.Ed., and taught at 4 different schools before being offered the Art Teacher position at MHS in the fall of 1998. She has a wonderful family--her husband, Mike Whitson, and two boys Daniel Whitson, Okinawa, Japan (Army) and Jake Whitson, 8th grader at Montevallo Middle School.  24 "Bulldog" Main/Bloch (MHS)
Melanie Poole  Melanie is a 1986 BFA graduate of the University of Montevallo, and was 1985 Gold Leader. She is a Montevallo resident, and currently works as the Communications Officer at the American Village. She and her sister, Denise, have a hobby business, Steampunk Butterfly, and make steampunk inspired jewelry, hats, and lamps.   25 "Diving Into the Arts" Valley/Boundary (UM Center for the Arts)
Adele Nelson  Adele, as the Montevallo Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, is inspired by community. The Annual Farmers' Market fosters fresh produce and a sense of community spirit! 26 "Farmers' Market" Valley/Boundary (Trustmark)
Amy Feger  Amy has been a resident of Montevallo since 2002. A number of her landscape paintings feature the natural beauty of Montevallo's parks and creek systems. Feger maintains an art studio in her home and teaches in the Art Department at the University of Montevallo. Her work has been exhibited at Parnell Memorial Library in Montevallo and numerous venues across Alabama and the Southeastern United States. You can see images of her artwork on her website:   27 "College Town" Vine/Valley
Alison Baggett  Alison is the owner of The Art Studio on Middle Street. She loves using her gift of teaching and art to help others find their creativity.    28 "Paint the Town" Valley/Shelby