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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING: Case No. ZAM23-001 Aldrich Residential District

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING: Case No. ZAM23-001 Aldrich Residential District - Thursday, May 18, 2023, City Hall at 541 Main Street in Montevallo, Alabama 

The Montevallo Planning Commission will meet at 6 pm on Thursday, May 18, 2023, to review the amendment to the described below.  The meeting will be at City Hall at 541 Main Street in Montevallo, Alabama, for the purpose of taking action on the following item:

Case No. ZAM23-001 Aldrich Residential DistrictThe Amendment of Article 18, Section 18.06. Overlay Districts to Add New, Section 18.06.D. 4, Aldrich Residential District

The proposed amendment is as follows:

4.       Aldrich Residential District. 

a.       Generally.

Coal was mined in the area around what became Aldrich beginning in 1839. Truman H. Aldrich purchased the town surrounding the mines in 1875 and officially named it Aldrich. This district is designed to include the Town of Aldrich and properties within one-quarter mile of the Southern Railroad, centralized on the town recorded plat. A post office was established in 1883, with William Aldrich as the first postmaster, and was in use until it was closed in 1965. Today, Aldrich is home to the Aldrich Coal Mine Museum. Many of the primary dwellings in the Aldrich community and surrounding area include manufactured housing intermixed with traditional housing and group housing constructed during the height of mining operations. As housing from the coal mining era begins to deteriorate from age and or abandonment, manufactured housing became an affordable option for residents to stay in Aldrich and maintain or improve property aesthetics.

b.       Boundaries.

The boundaries of the district are delineated as an overlay district on the official zoning map and shall include all properties within 1,500 feet (linear measurement) of the Southern Railway Line – between Barnett Family Subdivision, County Road 10 and an Alabama Power line easement within the plated Town of Aldrich (Map Book 3, Page 52 recorded February 21, 1914 and known as “Thomas’ Addition to the Map of the Town of Aldrich, Shelby County, Alabama).

c.       Manufactured Home Design Standards.

1)      Single-family residential homes, including manufactured homes not exceeding five years manufacturing age from the current date, are a permitted use within the overlay district.

a)       Only factory prefabricated portable attachments or awnings may be attached to or become a part of any manufactured home.  No permanent addition of any kind shall be built onto, nor become a part of any manufactured home except that porches and decks shall be built according to minimum building code requirements.

b)      Manufactured homes shall not be used for commercial, industrial, or other non-residential uses within the overlay district.

c)       No manufactured home, building or accessory structure shall be erected or stationed on a lot having a height greater than 1½ stories or twenty (20) feet.

d)      Each manufactured home shall have tie-downs or other devices securing the stability of the manufactured home based on the requirements of the manufacturer or the installation standards of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission.

e)       Foundations shall be installed in accordance with the standards set forth in the manufacturer’s set-up requirements and meet the minimum installation standards of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission.

f)       Manufactured home should include a minimum 3/12 pitched roof or steeper, with multiple roof lines encouraged.

g)      Installation of skirting on all manufactured homes shall be required.  Installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.  Acceptable materials may include masonry, stone, metal, vinyl, or other materials manufactured for the purpose of skirting.


All persons who so desire shall have an opportunity to speak in favor of or in opposition to the above case.  The amendment may be reviewed at the offices of the Shelby County Department of Development Services located in the Shelby County Services Building, 1123 County Services Drive, Pelham, Alabama, 35124.  The City is asking those who wish to comment in writing do so via email to Steve Gilbert, City Clerk, at

City of Montevallo Planning and Zoning Commission

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